Your secret weapon: additional coolers

When it comes to coolers, more is more.
Old vintage blue and red cooler
January 22, 2018 10:45 AM

If you’re traveling with a big crew or staying more than a couple of nights, cooler space is likely to be at a premium. Additional coolers can save the day, especially if you follow these easy strategies.

Give each cooler a specific job
Beverages are bulky, so pack a separate cooler for drinks. This will help keep the food coolers cold longer since they won’t be opened as often.

Pack a cooler for each day
For multi-day use (and if you have the room), consider packing a cooler for each day. In addition to keeping things organized, this tactic will help keep food cold until you’re ready to use it.

Move your coolers
Throughout the duration of your trip, move coolers around your site to keep them out of the sun. Temperatures can be many degrees cooler in the shade.


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