Unpack like a camping pro

Veteran campers know that being smart about how they put things away saves time and frustration the next time.
Family packing up in garage
January 21, 2018 10:15 PM

You probably already unpack from trips in a somewhat orderly fashion since tossing things into a closet just creates clutter. Camping trips are no different. With just a little thought, you can cut down the amount of time you need to get ready for your next outing.

Turn unpacking into prepacking
Experienced campers know a nifty, time-saving tactic: They prepack for their next trip as they unpack from the current one. If you have a packing checklist, print out a copy and check off items as you put them into the bins, taping the checklist to the bin when you’re done. The next time you get the gear out, you know what’s already packed and ready.

Don’t store sleeping bags and pads in stuff sacks
Sleeping bags last longer, stay fluffier, and avoid getting mildew if you air them out before putting them away. Use larger, looser sleeping bag storage bags instead of stuff sacks, or hang them up. (Learn more about caring for your sleeping bag.)

Scrub out the cooler
Clean out cooler and then leave it to dry completely in the sun before shutting the lid and packing it away. (Learn more about caring for your cooler.)

Wipe down your camping stove with warm water and a bit of dish soap
if you’ve had a messy boil over, disassemble the stove to clean the parts individually in the sink. Instructions should be in the manual. You’ll want to pack your stove away clean so it doesn’t entice any insects or other pests while in storage. (Learn more about caring for your stove.)


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