Tips for taking care of your Coleman lantern

How to keep your lantern rust-free, bug-free and primed for your next camping adventure.
hanging lantern
January 22, 2018 10:02 AM

A clean Coleman lantern works better and looks better. With regular cleaning and proper storage, your lantern will have increased fuel efficiency and flame control, with minimal rust or corrosion.

When and how to clean your lantern
Although there isn't a set schedule for cleaning your lantern, you should clean it whenever it looks dirty and prior to storing your lantern at the end of camping season. Under most conditions, lanterns can be wiped out with warm water and dishwashing soap and then dried before storing.

Storage advice
After cleaning, proper storage of your ColemanĀ® lantern is also important. Put it into a plastic bag and seal it with a twist tie; this step helps to prevent spiders or other insects from crawling in the unit, which can block the fuel and airflow.

With a liquid fuel lantern, transfer as much fuel as possible out of the fuel tank and back into the container to prevent a lacquer buildup on the tank's fuel tube. Keep in mind that storing a liquid fuel appliance with fuel in the tank can eventually cause a buildup on the fuel tube, which restricts fuel flow to the generator and burner.

When it's time to take out your lantern, remember to oil the pump cup on the tank's pump plunger at least twice a year with a light machine oil. This allows the cup to seal against the inside of the pump barrel and insures the pump will work smoothly and push air into the tank properly.


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