Think like a scout: 4 time-saving food tips

When it comes to feeding your hungry camping companions, thinking like a scout can save time and effort.
February 09, 2018 01:18 PM

A scout prides himself on always being prepared. By following that motto and doing the bulk of your prep work at home, you’ll simplify meals at your campsite. From making flapjacks to storing fruit, here are a few scout-approved tactics to try.

To save on dishes at camp, mix the pancake batter in a resealable plastic bag. Simply put in all the ingredients, seal it, and squeeze and slosh the bag with your hands. Then cut off one corner, and you can use the bag like a pastry bag, squeezing dollops of batter onto the hot griddle, nice and tidy.

Precooked pouches of rice are great options for campers because they’re shelf-stable and already cooked, requiring you to simply warm them through once you’re at the campsite. Embrace the convenience! Using them also leaves the stove’s burners free for other jobs.

Blueberries are a great fruit to bring camping. They’re the most durable berry and will survive a couple of days in the cooler better than most. Just keep them on top, not buried under ice.

Marinades and spices
Avoid the hassles and bulk of toting jars of sauces and multiple canisters of spices by prepping them at home. Premix your marinades and seal them in plastic bags. Gather any spices you’ll need—combining whenever a recipe allows—and pack them in clearly labeled baggies.


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