Taking care of your Coleman® sleeping bag

Taking care of your sleeping bag is the surest way to maximize the comfort and value you get from it. At Coleman, we know the right way to care for your gear and we’re sharing that expertise with you.
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January 22, 2018 11:05 AM

Proper care of your sleeping bag will keep it looking better and lasting longer. Follow these simple suggestions to care for your Coleman® sleeping bag during the years to come.

Washing Instructions

  • Dry cleaning is not recommended.
  • Use only oversized commercial front loading washing machines with a rotating drum action. Do not use top loading agitator style machines.
  • Wash warm, rinse cold on gentle cycle using ¼ mild detergent.
  • Use a fabric softener in wash. (Do not use detergents with bleach.)
  • Tumble dry at low temperature in oversized commercial dryer.
  • Alternate method: hand wash in bathtub, follow instructions as in step 2.
  • Bag must be thoroughly dry before being stored.

Rolling Your Sleeping Bag

  • Zip up sleeping bag.
  • Fold in half, lengthwise.
  • If applicable, fasten toggle and loop to ensure bag stays in folded position.
  • Start rolling snuggly from opposite end of ties, loops or straps (whichever applicable). Have ties lying directly on the ground.
  • After rolling bag completely, secure ties, loops or straps. If bag has Wrap 'N Roll feature, continue rolling into attached carrier, tie and transport.

Storing Your Sleeping Bag
For longtime storage, it is not recommended to store sleeping bags in its stuff sack or carrier, since it can reduce the loft, or puffiness, of the bag over time.


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