Time-saving tips for campground cooking

A little preparation at home can save you time (and frustration) when it’s time to feed everyone.
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February 22, 2018 04:01 PM
  1. Ways to prep before heading out

    Start with the meat. If you’re going to serve burgers, spice up the ground chuck and make the patties when you have plenty of running water to wash the grease off your hands.

    If chili or goulash is on the menu, brown the hamburger at home and then take it with you in the cooler. Your fellow campers will be impressed by how quickly you fill their stomachs at the campsite.

    While you’re taking time to prep, remember to pack the lids for the pots and cookware you plan to use. A top allows food to cook faster and keeps foods warm while you stir up the other goodies.

  2. Cooking and cleanup at the campsite

    Make cleanup easier on yourself by packing a roll of aluminum foil. Lining your grill, pot or Dutch oven with it will make removing the grease and baked-on dinner as simple as peeling it away.

    Investing in a Hot Water on Demand™ system will make rinsing off the dishes feel like you’re doing it in front of your home sink.

  3. After the meal

    Once you’ve finished, throw away your food in the correct bins—including everything that’s left over when you clean your dishes. Most campsites have places to pitch your garbage; some even divide them and include a biodegradable bin.

    Don’t throw away any food in the woods or campgrounds. Crumbs from that tasty meal you just cooked could attract the kind of critters you didn’t come camping to meet.

    Finally, before you head to bed, throw a tarp over your cooking area. It will protect your equipment from dew and rain.


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