Repair or replace: A gear decision guide

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January 22, 2018 06:40 AM
  1. For starters

    Camping can entail some rough going on your equipment, so it can be useful to know when to try a repair and when to replace altogether. We asked our gear experts to tell us when it makes sense to try for a fix and when you’re better off replacing.

    Note: This advice is specific to Coleman gear and you should always consult your owner’s manual. Click here for Coleman customer support, contact information and frequently asked questions.

  2. Tents and shelters

    If damage to a tent or shelter occurs, consumers should first check their instruction manual for repair part options. Repair kits are usually available for fiberglass pole systems, and on a select basis for other pole systems.

    If a specific repair part needed cannot be located in the instruction manual, we recommend calling our customer service team to determine warranty status and next steps.

  3. Sleeping bags and pads

    Our sleeping bags/camp pads are durable and reliable but after a while, normal wear and tear can leave a bag or pad with holes. We don’t sell replacement parts because it’s difficult to replace a sheet of fabric or stuffing. Our customers are welcome to use needle and thread to repair tears in their sleeping bag.

    If a camp pad is punctured, a piece of repair tape (for example: Tear-Aid®) may help to keep the pad inflated. However, these are temporary fixes. They will work for a short while, but we recommend replacing sleeping bags and camp pads when they start to look a little rough around the edges.

  4. Air mattresses

    A misconception about airbeds is that they leak. Due to the inherent nature of the PVC material, the airbed will experience stretch during use, and the user will perceive a loss of air. If the bed is not completely deflated at the end of the night, it is most likely not a leak. In this case, simply add more air to the bed until the desired firmness is achieved.

    In the event of an actual leak, the best plan of action will depend on the material. On a PVC surface, we recommend the use of a vinyl repair patch. If the leak is on a flocked surface or if the bed is a laminated PVC material, we recommend calling our customer service line to determine warranty status and next steps.

  5. Pumps

    All Coleman pumps, whether they are built-in or handheld, are guaranteed under the warranty stated in the instruction manual. If the pump begins performing abnormally, please immediately both discontinue use and contact customer service to determine the warranty status of your pump and what the next steps in that process are.

    Never attempt to repair your pump.

  6. Lanterns and lights

    The shift to LEDs has helped to extend the lifetime of lights without the concern of replacing your light bulbs. Also, the advancement in LEDs has greatly improved performances of lights.

    As such, more often than not, it is a better choice to replace your older outdated lights with new models. They likely will be lower priced and better performing.

  7. Stoves and grills

    If there are issues with any components that are part of the fuel delivery system, they must be replaced by authentic Coleman repair parts or discarded. Products that have removable regulators often have a replacement regulator in case the regulator fails or is misplaced.

    Never repair regulators and only use a Coleman approved regulator designed specifically for your cooking appliance. Please review instruction manuals provided with the product to see what repair parts are available.

  8. Coolers

    All repair components must be genuine Coleman parts. These parts include hinges, handles, lid straps and drains. If the drain is leaking, ensure that the components are securely tightened to eliminate any leaks.

    If a repair part is necessary refer to the bottom of the cooler for model number information. If there is damage to the main body or lid to the cooler a repair is not feasible.

  9. Chairs

    If damage to a chair occurs, we recommend calling our customer service team to determine warranty status and next steps.


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