Packing tip: Think in categories

These tips will help make sure your gear stays organized for your next outdoor adventure
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February 06, 2018 03:16 PM

A successful camping trip requires not only bringing all the right supplies, but making sure it stays organized. Follow these simple tips to ensure you don’t burn time hunting for things you need:

  • Think in categories. Hunting for every last thing you need takes the fun out of camping. It will be easier to keep things organized at the campsite if your kitchen tools are in one bin, your beach toys in a bag, your toiletries and towels all together.
  • As you pack, take a look at gear that’s been sitting for a long time. It’s better to discover at home that you’re missing several tent stakes or a mouse has taken up residence in your camp stove. If it’s been awhile since you’ve been camping, fire up the stove and lantern to make sure they still work.
  • Pack a separate bag of clothes for each camper. This will mean less digging through clothes in the tent. Hard suitcases are too bulky for a tent- pack each person’s clothes into a different colored duffel for an easy ID. An open bin will work well, too, since you’ll only be carrying the clothes from the car to the tent. A mesh cylindrical bin makes it easier to dig for those warm socks on a chilly evening.
  • Bring along one large empty duffel or clean trash bag for everyone to stuff their dirty clothes into. This will keep the tent more organized and keep dirty and clean clothes from mixing together.
  • Try to pack the car so that the first things you’ll need on arrival are the last to go in; this makes the unpacking and setting up camp more orderly. Your tent should be at the back of your vehicle, so that it can be unpacked first.
  • Finally, put some essentials on the top of the pile. Keep a lantern, headlamps, spare batteries, and insect repellent handy so that when you arrive at the site.


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