Critter control: Dealing with mosquitoes

Sure, sharing the great outdoors with the local animals is part of the point of camping, but cohabitating peacefully sometimes takes some strategizing.
February 09, 2018 01:18 PM

Too many mosquitoes can annoy even the most zen-like camper. Here are tips on how to create some distance between you and these summertime pests.

On your skin
Repellents with DEET will last longest. Natural repellents will need to be reapplied often––probably every hour.

On your clothes
Spraying permethrin deters mosquitoes and ticks. It works only on your clothes, not your skin.

At the site
On a calm evening, citronella candles help keep mosquitoes at bay. If you have extra sage in your fridge or garden, tie it into bundles with string and toss the bundles in the fire to repel mosquitoes in a nontoxic, good-smelling way. A mosquito coil is another slow-burning option that doesn’t blow out as easily as a candle.

Both of these help most in calm conditions, when the aroma stays close. Some like to put a portable netted tent around their table area. But keep in mind, cooking at a site usually involves a lot of trips to the car or the bear box to grab more ingredients and tools, so you’ll be opening the net often.


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