4 tips to keep your campsite clean

Family cooking hot dogs with tent in background
January 21, 2018 03:07 PM

Nobody likes a messy campsite with food left out and trash littering the ground. (Well, nobody except the animals.) Use these handy tips to keep your campsite tidy and keep critters at bay.

Create a front porch
If your tent doesn’t have one already built-in, put a tatami mat, flattened cardboard box or folded tarp outside your tent’s entrance. This way you won’t track dirt inside, and you’ll have a clean place to put on your shoes.

Tent along the shore with blue skies

Hang a trash bag in a handy spot
You’ll often find a nail sticking out of the food box, which is an ideal spot to hang your trash bag. A small branch of a tree will do the job, as well. Remember, however, that depending on bear regulations, you may need to put your trash into the bear box.

family campfire

Bring baby wipes
These disposable, often antiseptic tissues are a tidy camper’s go-to cleaning supply. They work wonders for a quick wipe-down of the table, on-the-go hand-washing or cleaning up any gear that gets sticky or dirty.


Put everything away at night
Nocturnal creatures will have a heyday with anything left out. Make sure food and cooking supplies are secured in bins, and bring jackets and shoes back into the tent before bedtime.


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