Pineapple bacon on a stick

This crowd pleasing recipe is courtesy of Scott Backstrom and

30 mins
10-20 mins

1 pound thin sliced bacon (pepper bacon works great)

1 whole pineapple

Pack of skewers

Optional: Brown sugar

Optional: Sweet and sour BBQ dipping sauce

Pre-oil grill and bring temp up to 400

Slice whole pineapple the tall way discarding outside and inner core (cause those ain’t good eatin’)

Cut pineapple down further to make up rectangular slices approx 1 inch wide by 6 inches long

Skewer the pineapple the long way leaving room at one end to use as a handle

Wrap thin sliced bacon (we like peppered bacon, or season with your favorite spices) around pineapple using each end of skewer to hold ends in place

Place on oiled grill. Use indirect heat as much as possible being careful to avoid flare-ups

Serve on the stick with optional sweet & sour BBQ dipping sauce

Optional: If you don’t have a whole pineapple, you can cut pineapple slices into quarters and then weave your bacon thru the skewer