Rainy-day camping activities for kids

When Mother Nature gives you raindrops, it’s time to get creative at the campsite.
Kids Walking Outdoors in the Rain
February 21, 2018 05:10 PM

If, after several verses of “rain, rain go away,” the weather still isn’t letting up, make the best of a rainy day with these fun camping activities.

Just a brief shower?
To keep everyone entertained time during a passing shower, you’ll want to be prepared with plenty of things to do. Plan to bring a deck of cards, a few board games, paper, crayons, markers, dolls and action figures.

Everyone loves a good story, so make sure to also pack a few books, including ones that kids can read to themselves, as well as others you can read to them. And don’t forget about one of the all-time great camping pastimes: storytelling. With a little creativity and a dash of drama, a good story can keep kids entertained for quite a while.

Brother sister playing cards on inflatable bed and in dome tent_close up

If there’s no end in sight
Kids can be easily entertained for the duration of most rain showers, but an extended rain is another story. Sooner or later, kids will ask if they can go out and play in the rain. If there’s no lightning, you might as well go ahead and let them. Yes, they’ll get dirty. But dirt, rain and mud are all a part of a camping trip, and they certainly don’t pose health hazards to kids.

If the rain persists and your campers get restless, you can always back in the car and head for the nearest movie theater.


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