Boost your campground cooking game: 4 must haves

January 25, 2018 04:32 PM

Having just a few basic pieces of equipment can significantly boost your campground cooking game. From a pan that will last for decades to a product you might not have thought of, here are the four items we find most useful.

  • Cast-iron skillet: Another wonderfully versatile product you’ll want to have among your camping tools, the cast-iron skillet distributes heat evenly, is easy to clean and will last for generations. Whether grilling burgers, steaks or chicken, a 10-inch skillet is ideal, as it provides enough surface area for cooking multiple servings, without being too large for whipping up smaller or individual portions when needed.
  • Waffle maker: Waffles may sound like an unlikely campsite breakfast, but Coleman® makes a simple, no-plug waffle iron that can be placed on the camping stove or held over the coals of a fire. Long handles let you hold and flip the iron easily, while the nonstick finish ensures easy cleanup.
  • Toaster: Sure, a camping toaster may sound like an absurd first-timer’s indulgence. But it’s actually no more than a simple, inexpensive metal frame that sits on your camping stove, allowing you to prop up bread to keep it from burning as it toasts.
  • Dutch oven: Probably the most versatile piece of camping cookware, a Dutch oven can help you cook, bake or fry nearly any item on your camping menu. With the pot’s snug-fitting lid, you’ll be heating chili or soups in no time. Bring along a roll of aluminum foil, and you can impress your camping companions with baked desserts you probably didn’t think would be doable on a camping trip.


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