After the catch: Cleaning stations

You’ve packed fishing rods and plenty of lures, but if you’ve forgotten a fillet knife, you’ll be up a creek.
Father and son fishing waterside with tent
January 21, 2018 10:28 PM

Campers often focus on the process of actually catching fish, but what to do with the fish you’ve caught is often an afterthought. Don’t wait until you have your prized fish in hand to think about gutting and cleaning your catch.

Anyone going fishing should first check with the campground to see if they have a cleaning station; some that are near prime fishing spots do. If your camp doesn’t have a cleaning station, add to your packing list a fillet knife, scaling tool and a bucket or some other container for discarding the unwanted parts.

Plan to set up a space separate from your campsite for cleaning your fish. (Your camping buddies will appreciate this.) Once you’ve finished scaling, gutting and cleaning the fish, be sure to give your cleaning station a good wash-down. Properly discard any guts, heads or scales.

Ready to cook that fish dinner? Get the campfire going.


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